Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why we must vote

In reading the posts on the left wing blogs and MSM sites I am struck by the utter contempt and hate that spews from them. While you do see some of that here and on other blogs like HA it is not nearly as prevalent or as mean. As Michelle so rightly points out in her latest book the left has become completely unhinged. They are dragging out all of the old long since debunked lies about President Bush, and republicans in general, avoiding for the most part any substantive statements on the Kerry quotes all the while accusing republicans of trying to change the subject. I truly fear what could become of our great country if these people actually regain the power they desire. Endless, pointless and wasteful investigation into allegations that have already been disproved. Weakness shown on a front where none can be tolerated. A ruined economy and a weakened military when our country will least be able to afford either. As poor a job as you might think the republicans have done the democrats would be far worse. No direction, no plan, and only surrender. Truly a nightmare of unprecedented proportion. This is why we must vote. This is why we can not trust the democrats with real power again. They are no longer morally fit to govern.


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