Friday, October 20, 2006

What it means to be a conservative (at least to me)

In reflecting on this up coming election I have been asked to define my conservative beliefs.
Number one on the list is that I believe that the government is far too large and intrusive. I work hard to make a living and I deserve representation that spends my tax dollars wisely. It is not a function of the government to redistribute the wealth I have earned to others that have less. All people deserve equal opportunity and, for the most part, in America they have it. I do not oppose helping those that cannot help themselves but far too many on the dole are healthy capable persons that should be self reliant. It is not the responsibility of the government to see to my health care or retirement. I am far more confidant in my ability to provide these things than I am in the government.

Personal freedoms are another huge area that defines my beliefs. We have given up far too many rights to the federal government. In spite of the reality of enforcement the Feds have no right or business dictating to the states what can or cannot be done or taught in schools. These issues should (and used to be) left up to the local values of the communitees that support these schools and the parents of the children being taught there. They are way out of line with laws such as the McCain - Feingold act which clearly violate the bill of rights.

I have a profound belief in the free market. If you offer a product or service that the public deems to be valuable your success will be limited only by your work ethic. Business, no matter how large, is not "evil". Only people can be good or evil.

The top issues I vote for are lower taxes, national security, and preserving our basic freedoms.


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