Tuesday, September 12, 2006

9/11 revisited

In watching the video from 9/11/01 I find that its been too long since I'd seen them and reflected on the events of that day. In the years that have passed I have lost the edge on my anger, largely replaced it with frustration at the leftists that would have you believe that this was all somehow our fault.
I haven't been nearly mad enough. Not at the terrorists, and certainly not enough at the politicians (mainly democrats) without the resolve to fight and win this war.
I haven't been nearly as angry as I should at the people who deny Iraq is the front line in our fight against these people. To those with the absurd notion that somehow President Bush was distracted from the "real war" I say the war is anywhere that we can engage these people, and much better on their land than ours.
Nor have I been as angry as I should with the "peace at any price" crowd that would gladly trade your freedom and mine simply to "live in peace".
We should all watch these videos and listen to the newscasts of the day from time to time to remind ourselves of what our enemy is capable of and to remember why it is we must fight.
It's better to die defending freedom and liberty than to live as a slave, forced to an obscene religion.


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