Thursday, September 14, 2006

Moonbats on parade

The following is a letter to the editor in the Daytona Beach News Journal 9/14/06:

Buzzword boomerangs on Bush
This administration is very adept at throwing out buzzwords. The latest one is "fascist," for those who disagree with and speak out against administration policies.
This administration has learned well that all it has to do is point the finger and call someone else a name or use a scary buzzword -- even if that word best describes the administration -- and the American public will blindly believe.
The Random House Unabridged Dictionary defines "fascism" as "a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism -- and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism."
Does that not come close to describing our present administration? Pretty close, huh?

I sent a reply but it's unlikely that the paper will publish it as they very rarely print anything from the conservative viewpoint, so here it is:

I think Mr. Amedick needs to loosen the tinfoil hat a little. The only group the president has ever called “fascist” is the one that we are fighting in the war on terror, and they most definitely meet the published definition of the word.
His assertion that President Bush uses the term to describe the people in this country that disagree with him or speak out against him is simply a lie. Give me one example where that has happened. It is the people on the far left that are constantly accusing President Bush of being a fascist, a Nazi, or worse, not the other way around. His ascertains that the present administration is even close to being fascist is rebuked by the fact that he is free to write his letters and opinions without fear of any official reprisals. If Mr. Amedick will pull his head out of the sand and join the rest of us here in this place I like to call “Reality” he will see that the current administration is one that was freely elected and that nobody has been persecuted or forcibly suppressed in their dissent and President Bush has nothing even close to “Dictatorial Powers”. His accusations of racism are also completely unfounded. President Bush has more minority appointees in his administration then any previous president including President Clinton. But I guess they don’t count since they’re conservatives.


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