Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Foley and the Dems

Let's get a few of the facts out that the MSM is distorting to it's own purpose.
#1 All of the pages are at least 16 and all of the reports I have read state that they were former pages when Foley started to contact them with his inappropriate IM's which means that they were more likely 17 or 18 at the time. Inappropriate? You Bet! Perverted? For sure! Illegal? Doubtful. Pedophilia? Definitely not.
#2 None of the truly disturbing things were brought to light until very recently. In other words the leadership of the republicans in congress had taken every appropriate action by telling him to knock it off when the "overly friendly" Emails were brought to their attention.
#3 As I said in point #1 all of the alleged victims were already former pages when this occurred. This means that he was not using his power or influence over them in order to satisfy his perversions.
#4 The Democrats want it both ways. They say that the leadership should have been monitoring the situation closer and should have known about this. Yet when a republican aid finds Emails in unprotected files and publishes them they scream and stomp their feet and hold their breath until they turned blue and force him to resign.
#4 Under similar circumstances in the past with one of their own they called such actions a "witch hunt" and claimed it was no big deal. Consensual sex between 2 adults. No one questioned why the leaders at the time (Tip O'Neal) Hadn't done something to protect these children even though he may have had as much as 10 years warning.
And they dare to call us hypocrites!


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