Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Why this idiotic blame game?

When former presidents Carter and Clinton engaged in bilateral talks with N. Korea they gave all sorts of concessions and incentives to them in order to secure a promise that the Norks would forgo nuclear weapons. The Norks violated this agreement from the very beginning. The Bush administration has insisted on multi-lateral talks with 5 other nations involved in the hopes of accomplishing the same goals, but with no success as the Norks refuse to talk unless it is one on one. The Clinton agreement was hopelessly naive but the inflexibility of the Bush administration will produce no fruit either because the problem and the blame does not rest with us.
Simply put the Norks are going to do what they are going to do. These people are criminals writ large. They counterfeit US dollars, they smuggle drugs, they steal and sell technology to terrorists and they have absolutely no intention of giving up their nuclear program. Sure they would be very happy to extort more booty from the United States in exchange for more promises that they have no intention of keeping. They would put on a happy face, agree to stop testing, and then, as soon as it became expedient to do so, once again reveal that they had broken their promises and blame us for "making them do it".
The Norks are like a spoiled child that craves attention that has a bully to protect them (China). As long as China and Russia coddle this brat it will be impossible to take the only action that would end this madness. Korea needs to be re-unified as a democratic society. Until this is done there will be no peace and no safety, no matter who is in charge here.


At 11:56 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

I think that no country should have or develop nuclear weapons!


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