Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More Global Warming Nonsense!

Most of these environmentalcases were once reasonable people that saw the smog, dirt, and grime coming from careless people and early technology and wanted to clean it up. An altogether noble cause that enjoyed world-wide success. But once people had, by and large, come around to their way of thinking these same people found themselves suddenly irrelevant. It was only through protest and complaint that they had achieved fame and power and when it disappeared they missed it. In order to recapture and maintain the recognition they desire they have become more and more radical, forever in search of the next protest march and the next corporation to blackmail. These folks claim to be the true believers but they are more concerned with keeping the gravy train running than they are with any real environmental issue.

The environmental movement is also sponsored and filled with people that have a much more nefarious agenda. These people are anti-capitalists that have found that by pushing the extreme enviro-doom package they can slam the system they so hate with a large degree of impunity. These people have little or no real care about the enviro-issues they claim to support but it is just the means to achieve their end, wide spread communism.

The third group in this mob are the "Dumb Masses" (Mustn't forget the M) that attend the protests without really understanding what it is they are protesting. These are people that have not bothered to cross check facts for themselves, preferring to have others do the thinking for them. These are the mindless bodies that believe what they read in the NY Times and get all of their news from the alphabet networks or daily kos and never question what their masters tell them. These are people that fear freedom and responsibility. Science that disputes the world view of those that would lead them is heresy! Every problem is someone else's fault and the world just owes them a living wage and health care and food and housing and, and, and, and........... you get the idea. Lifes losers without the wit or ambition to understand how the two groups above will use them and discard them without remorse. Perfectly happy to suck at the government tit their whole life. Their vote goes to the person promising to be Robin Hood, taking from the evil rich and giving to the deserving poor. Miserable wretches that think you should suffer and do without because they won't work hard enough to earn the things you have.

And we give these people credibility! Amazing!


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