Monday, August 31, 2009

Help! President Obama is stealing my country!

  1. He has repeatedly lied about many things but is, by and large, given a pass by the media.
  2. He has appointed numerous Communists, all people from his past that the media forbade us to investigate.
  3. I believe that he is intentionally bankrupting this country to support an effort to remake it as socialist state.
  4. He is lying about health care. He is lying about the economy. He is lying about raising taxes. We're supposed to believe he isn't after our guns?
  5. He wants to have a civilian force to rival the army. Why?
  6. He would rather promote his policy through thuggery than debate. His tactics are strong arm at home and appease on bended knee abroad.
  7. Raise your hand if you think anything the administration did with GM was legal!
  8. How did we ever elect this socialist / communist / thug / liar to be president?


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