Sunday, February 15, 2009

The worst is yet to come

Once again our elected official are failing to understand the laws that they vote for and pass. This "stimulus" package is over 1000 pages, even an accomplished speed reader hasn't had the time to read it, much less digest it, yet the congress has passed it. It is far beyond the time for the change that we supposedly want. Change that will only happen when all of the politicians at every level of government are removed from office. No change will occur in a system that promotes career politicians. Term limits, tighter controls at the ballot box, and immediate personal accountability from elected officials should be the law.
I propose new legislation that forces a constitutional limit on federal debt. The way out of this crisis is with less government regulation, less federal spending, and far less political stimulus.
President Obama promised a period of public comment before signing major legislation. Just one more politician telling one more lie to further his cause. Change!, my ass!


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